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Options for People with Wage Garnishments

Different types of creditors have different powers where wage garnishments are concerned. For example, a credit card company that obtains a judgement against you in court can garnish up to 20% of your earnings. The CRA can garnish up to 50%, and they can do so without a court order.

Learning from your employer that you are being garnished is both embarrassing and confusing.

We can help you come up with a strategy to deal with your wage garnishment.

How can we help?

  • Ensure you understand your wage garnishment and options available

  • Reduce your wage garnishment

  • Stop your wage garnishment

Real Life Stories

Find out how others have resolved a wage garnishment.

Scarborough, Ontario

When I filed my tax return, I ended up owing about $15,000. I wasn’t sure how much I would owe because I had rental income, but I also had expenses. For some reason, I thought that one would just offset the other.

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