GTA Accounting Firm Launches Full-Service Consumer Insolvency Practice with Advisory Services

February 12, 2019

TORONTO –Fuller Landau LLP is pleased to announce a brand-new division, Fuller Financial Solutions. The new division stems from the 2016 acquisition of the consumer insolvency practice, Geary and Company Ltd.

“We wanted to ensure that we could bring something different to the table and provide additional value for the people who come to us,” said Ken Pearl, Partner, Fuller Landau.

Pearl and his partners saw a rise in debt consulting services that charge large upfront fees when, ultimately, the end track for most consumers ends up being a debt consolidation, mortgage refinancing, credit counselling, financial restructuring, Consumer Proposal, or Bankruptcy.

Fuller Financial Solutions wanted to launch something different from the trend.

“We will offer all the solutions that debt counselling companies offer but with absolutely no upfront fees,” Pearl said.

“We have a network of strategic partners who can assist with debt consolidations, mortgage financing, and more. No customer should be forced to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to receive sound financial advice.”

Financial literacy is also a big part of the new Fuller Financial Solutions. To that end, the team has launched a full-service partners program.

“Vetted partners will be added to our network of strategic partner relationships and brought to the table to work on our files when their service is of value to our client,” Pearl said.

“We will also be offering free webinars, classroom training, and private one-on-one counselling to unions, EAP program providers, government and their members, as well as to private enterprise. Our goal will be to show people that there is help out there other than the debt solutions companies that one finds on Internet searches these days.”

Fuller Financial Solutions has experienced debt consultants as well as Licensed Insolvency Trustees committed to finding the right financial solution for an individual or small business – recognizing that no two people are the same and one size doesn’t fit all.

“The beauty of what we are doing is offering consumers choice,” Pearl said.

“Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy are not the first choices, but we are Licensed Insolvency Trustees, and unlike other debt consultants we can offer those solutions if needed. These services can be crucial because they can immediately stop collection action like wage garnishments and frozen bank accounts. In the event that something else is the best choice, we can arrange that, too.”

The new division is one of a number of new innovations that should be expected from Fuller Landau in the upcoming months.

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