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You are in a unique position to help

Now you can offer more help to your members, employees, and clients so they can ease financial pressure that may be hindering their success.

A percentage of your employees, members, and customers are going through a serious financial problem now. This can cause medical issues, loss of productivity, and a number of other avoidable consequences that are a common fallout associated to financial problems. We provide much needed support and information that you can share to help your employees, members, and/or customers.

Who works with our team?

A number of companies, organizations, and membership parties work with our team either through referrals or through organizing financial literacy training.

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    Debt Counsellors

    If your client needs to file for a Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy, you will need a relationship with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee to do so. We are the partner for you.
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    Mortgage Brokers

    Sometimes there isn't enough equity to make the deal happen, but the client's financial problem remains. We come in very handy during these instances.
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    Tax Preparers and Consultants

    When the CRA gets too aggressive and becomes impossible to negotiate with, you will appreciate having us in your corner.
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    Legal Professionals

    If your client will end up owing and won't be able to pay, we can help you pre-plan their financial strategy.
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    We specialize in helping tradespeople clean up their books and get their taxes on track.
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    Employee Assistance Programs

    Providing your members access to our solutions enables them to receive sound financial advice without paying thousands in fees.
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    Private Companies

    If your company is impacted by the economy, providing financial resources to your employees can improve overall productivity and health.
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    Tax Shelters

    Sometimes the government doesn't agree with you. When this happens, your members could be on the hook for taxes, penalties, and interest. We can help them to prepare, plan, and reduce exposure.

How we do it

We provide a wide range of different programs from custom webinars, to peer-to-peer support, to one-on-one counselling, and more.

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    One-on-one sessions

  • group-sessions

    Group sessions

  • webinars

    Confidential webinars

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Want to find out how we can add value to your members, clients, and employees?

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Here is a free eBook you can share with your members, employees, and clients: How To Make a Settlement with the CRA.

Would our clients benefit from your services?

Our clients may benefit from your services and we would love to learn more about them. Please feel free to reach out to us today to connect.

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