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When does a bankruptcy make the most sense?

If you have recently:

  • Lost your job
  • Suffered an illness
  • Gotten divorced and can’t pay your bills, including medical expenses
  • Found yourself unable to make more than the minimum payments on your credit cards
  • Had your bank account or wages garnished, and you aren’t able to borrow more money and have little or no assets…

You need to take action to stop the cycle and get a fresh start.

Bankruptcy benefits

  • Eliminate your debt

  • Stop all collection action, unfreeze bank accounts, and end garnishments

  • Get out of debt in as little as nine months

  • Keep your RRSP

  • Protect your home

Real life stories

Find out how others have used Bankruptcy solutions to solve their financial problem.

Toronto, Ontario

I had been working as a subcontractor in construction my whole life. I simply couldn’t take the physical demands of the job anymore.

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