We Solve CRA Collection Problems

Tax time is right around the corner and if you already owe CRA, or know you will owe and won’t be able to pay, this is likely on your mind. CRA collectors are aggressive and will use all measures available to collect from you.

We are able to:

  • Review the situation and options available to you.
  • Negotiate with CRA on your behalf.
  • Stop collection actions – enforcement calls, wage garnishments, frozen bank accounts, and more.
  • Stop the penalties and interest.
  • Reduce the overall size of the tax debt, depending on what program you participate in.

Unlike debt consultants and tax lawyers, we charge no upfront fees to review your case.

We can help with income tax debt, past due returns, undisclosed income, wage garnishments, requirements to pay/frozen bank accounts, property liens, director’s liability, HST, payroll, business tax, set-offs, and more.

Please complete the contact form and we will reach out to you within the business day. If you would prefer to have a call, you can also phone us at 416-927-7200.

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