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A tax problem is usually a financial problem

A tax problem usually happens because it involves an amount of money owed to the government that is generally too large to pay.

The CRA is unlike any other creditor. They have broad collection capabilities and don’t need a court order to freeze your bank account or send a wage garnishment to your clients that redirects 100% of your income to pay off your debt.

When this happens, it is easy to panic and think maybe you need a lawyer or a tax consultant to intervene. But why pay thousands of dollars in legal and consulting fees when what you really need is a financial solution that satisfies the CRA and offers you repayment terms you can live with?

We are able to help with a wide range of tax problems. We are one of the only types of professionals that can quickly, if not immediately to:

  1. Stop most CRA collection action
  2. Reduce your principal tax debt
  3. Reduce or completely eliminate your penalties and interest

This can all be done without you needing the CRA’s permission, without going to court, and without you having any direct contact with the CRA.

If you need our help, the first step is a free, no strings attached consultation where we look at your situation and provide some viable solutions.

Tax problems we help with

  • Income tax debt

  • Past due income tax returns

  • Undisclosed income

  • Business tax debt

  • HST and payroll - directors' liability

  • Wage garnishments

  • Set-offs

  • Property liens

  • Requirements to pay and frozen bank accounts

Real life stories

Find out how others have resolved their tax problems.

Hamilton, Ontario

I ended up owing over $100,000 to the CRA between income tax and HST.

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