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Consumer proposals for self-employed individuals and small business owners

If you are a sub-contractor, consultant, or run a small business where you pay your own taxes, then we consider you a small business owner.

Small business owners can face unique financial challenges because they have to remit their own taxes and don’t always receive scheduled income the way someone who is employed would. Factors like interruptions in cashflow, overcommitting to lease space, and not setting aside taxes can cause a serious financial problem to erupt.

Often small business owners inter-tangle personal credit and expenses with their business ones, which even further confuses things.

Sometimes filing for a Consumer Proposal is the right solution for individuals who have accumulated considerable debt that they cannot pay as a result of their business. A Consumer Proposal stops creditor collection action (even by the CRA) and enables you to start fresh with a single monthly payment.

Consumer proposal benefits

  • Address most tax debts (Income, HST, Payroll, and more)

  • Stop interest

  • Unfreeze bank accounts

  • Stop wage garnishments

  • Interest-free repayment

  • Reduce debt

  • Single consolidated monthly payment

Real life stories

Find out how other self-employed individuals have used Consumer Proposals to solve their financial problem.

Scarborough, Ontario

I closed up and asked the landlord if there was a concession that could be made on the balance of the lease. They refused – this was a huge property management company. Needless to say they sued me for $48,000, which was the balance on the lease.

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