Fun and Affordable DIY Costumes for a Budget-Conscious Family Halloween

October 11, 2018

Halloween is one of the scariest times of year, but it shouldn’t strike fear into your wallet!

According to Statistics Canada, nearly 4 million children were of trick-or-treating age in 2016. Candy, decorations, and Halloween parties can all add up, but there is one expense category that costs Canadians the most: costumes — even DIY costumes.

BNN Bloomberg reports that on average Canadians spend about $52 per costume. And it’s not just for kids. found that one in three adults attend a Halloween party every year.

It can be easy for Halloween costume expenses to add up quickly, but you don’t need to sacrifice money for scares. You can still create amazing DIY costumes on a budget for the whole family.

Tips for creating your own affordable DIY costume:

  • Shop your closet. Use what you already own, rather than going out and buying something new.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of a classic. A ghost in a sheet, a mummy wrapped up in toilet paper, a vampire — these are all stand-bys for a reason. They are often inexpensive and easy to make.
  • Re-purpose old costumes. A cat costume from last year could turn into a vampire cat for this year. You could also organize a neighbourhood costume swap with friends.
  • Look to pop culture. Tom Cruise from Risky Business. Dwight Schrute from The Office. Sandy from Grease, Your favourite TV and film characters are often rooted in reality making it easier to turn their attire into a costume with items already in your closet, plus a little styling.

Need some DIY costume ideas? Consider the following options:

  1. Bag of Jelly Beans

This costume from Pop Sugar couldn’t be easier. Take a clear trash bag, cut holes in it for your arms, legs, and head to fit through. Then fill up the bag with coloured balloons for the jelly beans. Print out a jelly bean bag label and tie the bag up on your neck with a ribbon.

  1. A Flower Pot

This kid-friendly costume from Dukes and Duchesses was made entirely from dollar store decorations! Find a big flower pot and cut leg holes in the bottom. Make “suspenders” out of duct tape. Grab a pile of fake flowers from the dollar store and hot-glue them to the inside. Set some aside for a flower headband to add on.

  1. Party Animal

This costume from is a classic for a reason — it is so easy and affordable. All you need is a pair of animal ears, some makeup, and formal clothing.

  1. Ear of Corn

This costume from Today’s Parent is a great choice for kids. Take the bottom half off an 18-egg carton and paint the bumpy side yellow. Hot-glue the dried carton to a yellow shirt. Accessorize with green pants and vest. Glue raffia to a hairband for the completed look!

  1. Bat Cat (or Dog)

Want Fluffy or Fido to join in the costume fun? Turn them into a bat with this costume from HGTV. All you need is some black felt, black pipe cleaners, tape, and spray adhesive.

If you’d like to spend more on your Halloween costume, but financial debt is stopping you, Fuller Landau Debt Solutions can help. Our team will work with you to make a plan so the only thing you need to be scared of this Halloween is the trick or treaters, not your bank account.

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